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Dominic Chamot



The German-Swiss pianist Dominic Chamot was born in Cologne in 1995. Award-winning and celebrated by the audience, his lively and highly multifaceted activity as a soloist and chamber musician has long ceased to be an insider tip.

Despite his young age, he has won more than two dozen prizes and awards, making him one of the most successful pianists of his generation.

Most recently, Chamot caused a sensation across Europe with two first prizes and one second prize at international piano competitions in Germany, Italy and Spain.
This was followed by his short-notice substitution for Hélène Grimaud in 2020, which prompted the press to praise and put him in the international spotlight. Since then he can be heard regularly on the big stages of the world.

But already as a teenager he made a career as a "young talent": At the age of only 12 he was accepted into the class of Prof. Sheila Arnold in the pre-college Cologne of the HfMT Cologne, which gave him decisive musical impulses.

International prices soon followed in Berlin, Zwickau, Enschede, Weimar, Cologne etc. which let to concerts in halls such as the Berlin and Cologne Philharmonic.

However, Chamot decided to first escape the hustle and bustle of concerting in order to study with the famous pianist Claudio Martinez-Mehner in Basel and to refine his playing there.

He completed both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees (Specialized Performance - Soloist) with top marks and honors.

During this time, his reputation as a versatile artist developed, which led him to ever-growing engagements in various areas.

Most recently, he played several times in the Berlin Philharmonic in 2018, was able to win some of the most exclusive scholarships in Switzerland and was invited by the WDR Symphony Orchestra to perform as a soloist in the Cologne Philharmonic. After these successes, further invitations from orchestras across Germany followed. In New York, he impressed with his appearance in Steinway Hall as part of the "Classical Bridge Festival".

He is also in great demand as a chamber musician and accompanist: he is regularly being invited to chamber music festivals, worked as an accompanist for the Basel Theater during his studies and was even used as an actor for two productions.

Dominic Chamot was a scholarship holder of the "Jürgen Ponto Foundation" and the "Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben" from 2011 to 2014.  From 2018 to 2019 he received the Migros Kulturprozent Scholarship. And in 2020 he was chosen for the scholarship of the International Lieven Piano Foundation.

Pianist and critic Hannes Sonntag describes him like this: Dominic Chamot creates the lasting emotional experience for which we ultimately make or listen to music!


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