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Message from the President


ART-Association was born in 2019, the culmination of years of dreams and evenings spent imagining artistic projects that would be at the same time sustainable, accessible, responsible, local and ecological.  ; which allow a real encounter, which create social ties, in short, everything that makes art essential to human beings.  


Art-Association is the meeting of professionals of all ages and from different fields who offer their skills to promote art in all its forms.


Barely a year after its creation, like so many others, our very young association saw its projects brought to the ground by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our committee has therefore chosen to redefine its 2020-2021 objectives, in order to meet the urgent and essential need of our young solo artists, those we call the next generation. Their momentum and talent deserve to be supported so that they can flourish by launching their careers.

Indeed, if written Western music has existed for centuries and is not in danger of disappearing, its young performers, who are sometimes less than a quarter of a century old, need to play or sing in public, film, publish, record. Currently, it is as if they no longer existed.


To be true professionals, they must become hardened on the stage, expand their repertoire, earn a living with their art. 

ART-Association puts all its resources at the service of the talents of this generation, and invites you to join it in this extraordinary adventure.



The committee

Stephanie Burkhard President

Veronica Gaskell Treasurer

John Siegenthaler  member site

Dominique Gottofrey member  site

you can make a donation in favor of the artists to the account:

BCV  CH95 0076 7000  K547 0991 5

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