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Augustine  lipp



After a Bachelor's degree at  Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Augustin Lipp's studies continued at the  HMDK  from Stuttgart. He is currently finishing his masters in performance, contemporary music and pedagogy with Klaus Dreher and Marta Klimasara. 

Fully convinced of the momentum taken by percussion in the world of music, he first perfected his skills as a soloist, his recitals giving him the chance to travel between Switzerland, France, Germany and Finland. This improvement then led him to extend his search for interdisciplinarity: his duet with the puppeteer Léa Duchmann for example, the  Lieder Abend  with Martin Egidi on the cello, or the song and dance evenings in the cafés of Stuttgart with the Dirty Degrees trio. 

These adventures have earned Augustin seventeen national and international prizes, including recently two special prizes in the semi-finals of the ARD competition in Munich 2019. He has also received financial support from the  Fritz Gerber Stiftung für begabte Junge Menschen  as well as  Lyra Stiftung, foundations based in Zürich. 

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